Fiona answers for all



We have ask our friend over at sos-save our shoe to answer some choice of questions for us. It’s a bit looking into her intimate life, 
I guess with her forever upbeat funny manners.

Champagne or beer NEITHER, GIN
marilyn or audrey, MARILYN
eyeliner or red lip stick, EYELINER
concealer or mascara, MASCARA
on trend or vintage,  VINTAGE
2nd hand or designer,  2ND HAND DESIGNER
dress or jeans DRESS
Brazil or NY,  NYC FOREVER
Sun holiday or snow holiday,  SUN SUN SUN
crackers or kebab (hangover cure) CRACKERS
4 stars or camping  CAMPING
khaki or sequins  SEQUINS
trainers or 4 inches  AM I RUNNING OR WALKING?
fashion blogs or magazine   BLOGS ARE FOR LIVE
crisp or chocolate  CHOCOLATE
pearls or diamonds  DIAMONDS
rollers or straightner  ROLLERS
tan or pale  PALE
tights or stockings  TIGHTS


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