There is something magical about her

Another great post from our dear friend honeybunny.
We suggested to chanllenge this lovely lady to use limited wardrobe to make magic to her outfits. Here at siren, we are crazy about something called ‘capsule’ wardrobe. Ha. I know it’s something fashion magazine teach you, from like the earth begins. Yet, there is something undeniably wise about it. It’s just so refreshing to trim your collections, and not to expand, to explore new ways to wear different garments with wit and intelligence. Personally to convet heirloom or investment pieces are hugely better and smarter than buying tons of dispoable fashion that we wear once and toss away. We design our collections the same way ever since, because we wanted to make pieces that people collect, love and cherish. Sounds coy, but it’s true. 

We have had the pleasure to work with this delightful lady, the way her style is so classic and whimsical, timeless yet quirky.  I just simply love her post each time, the back drops is often beautiful bewitching scenic places. Makes me want to camp out the countryside, if I can look this good.

Here is what she said about siren,

Today I’d like to start showing you the results of my 7 day Siren style challenge! I’ve used 2 tops, 1 pair of trousers, 1 dress, 1 skirt, 2 pairs of shoes, 1 jacket and 2 bags to create outfits for the whole week and I really hope you like the outcome! Here are the first 2 outfits I’ve been wearing the first two days of the challenge. In the first one I’ve used my new Romwe dress and gorgeous leopard print Siren bag! I’ve also recently bought this hat and I can’t stop wearing it:) It was basically my outfit for work and later on for going home for Easter. The second look on the other hand I’ve worn on Easter Sunday and I can’t get enough of this chiffon top from Siren, it’s just so delicate and feather-light ♥

On the music note, summer is looking really exciting as I’ve got a couple of concerts I’d looove to attend! On the top of the list are Grinderman, Deftones and Dir en Grey. I so so can’t wait!



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