How can we not love her?

Our final outfit chanllenge for the oh so fantastic lady Natalia from honeybunny. She is such a lovely, inspirational girl to work with, and she certainly brightened my days with such creative outfits. Here s what she said about siren.

SO, here’s the last part of my 7-day Siren challenge! It was really fun and inspiring to take this challenge and it kind of reminded me that you don’t have to have so many clothes and accessories to put many different outfits together, you just need to let out your imagination and creativity. So thanks so much Siren for the reminder!

In addition, Siren’s got a new website, which looks really amazing! It’s got so many cool new features and you’ve even got a little promotion happening where you could win 50 pound store credit! Be sure to check it out!

It is also probably the last post with my blonde hair (unless I find some old outfit photos to show you), because as some of you know (the ones who follow my Facebook page: I’ve changed it to red! Hope you’ll like it, but being a blonde my whole life, I’m still getting used to the new colour on my head:)

Outfit 1:

Chiffon Blouse & Bag – Siren

Skirt – Primark

Shoes – New Look

Outfit 2:

Jacket & Bag – Siren

Shoes and Trousers – New Look

Hat – Claire’s

Outfit 3:

Cardigan & Bag – Siren

Dress –

Shoes – New Look

Horse Necklace – Claire’s


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