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All designers and artists out there like to refer back to the past, for inspiration and creativity.  I love these sign sets created again in Polyvore.  It’s based around the lemon lemonade sign and creators have placed their own stamp on classic vintage.  The first post appleflower is setting the theme of the 1950’s films, Marilyn Monroe, red lips and sassy black heels, the time of when film went into colour it was part of the Technicolor process. 

My second favourite piece is one from sophisty.  Her set makes me feel I am looking back into an American past, with her classic use of font and homemade lemonade.   Again media comes to mind; a recent, yet made to feel it was in the 1950’s is the short programme ‘The Darling Buds of May’. Memories of hazy summer afternoons and spring seasons when everything of nature comes alive again.   

Lastly a pocket full of fun.  This set was created by eugineraccoon called the Ice Cream look.  It generates the fun times of 50’s going into the 60’s and of course memories of going on a British summer holiday.  Deck chairs, huts & sandcastles.   Branching onto retro patterns and giving a glimpse of an old vintage camera, inspirational!


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