Lucite, arcylic or plastic what?

Images from apartment therapy.

So I was obsessed with Philippe Starck’s ghost chair from the day it handed the universe, but really is it plastic?

Of course, it is acrylic and there is a posh word for it : lucite. Okay, the reason why I love clear plastic, is just gives a airy feeling to your room, and a lot of dimensions to the room. Most of these lucite furnitures are over the top priced, and really over $1000 for a chair? But when you inspect closer, the curves, and the thickness are just simply cannot compare. Because arcylic comes in sheets, in order to design the curvy lines of some art deco style furniture, they have to layer them and pile them high, then the craftsmen will sculpt around the curves.

As for cleaning and caring for lucite? According to designer Patricia Gray: “Clean lucite with hot soapy water using a soft cloth. The type of polishing cloth you use will make a difference. The ideal cloth is nonabrasive, absorbent, and lint free. To eliminate any chance of scratching lucite , use only disposable cloths. Reusable cloths can retain abrasive particles, but you won’t know for sure until the damage is done. Do not use sprays such as Windex or Fantastic on lucite.”


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