****My Favourite Room, Eastern & European Interiors****


My Favourite Room

The Egyptian & Italian Issue.

Inspired by an extract complied by Amy Bradford.  I am a big fan of Elle magazine, epically the interiors guide, and their edition of Elle Decoration.  Whether it’s raining outside or pure sunshine I still like to think I can reform my day by a bit of D.I.Y.  Oh yes and before I forget I would like to add that here at Siren, we are current creating a craft page, our own creations, combined with your own achievements.  Keep a look out for this!

Ok, so this particular September article made look twice, I flipped back and referred to the first image at the top of this post and was certain that the image was taken from a mosque in Egypt; instead it was a Mosque in Istanbul, in beautiful marine blue, whereas the Mosque I saw was in emerald green.  Here you can see the likeness of the pictures and they are just simply beautiful.  Amy talks about the unique detail in which covers the entire interior, your eyes just don’t stop to rest, as there are so many features and everything has a particular purpose.  More than likely this image was taken by a Canon series with a good wide angled lens to get the celling and low interior, captured in one image.

Its quoted that ‘The hand-laid mosaic tiles and stained glass work with the light and shade in this impressive space to make you feel you’ve been transported to another realm. –It’s really quite a special place for me’, & as it was for me too!  It was quite a memorable holiday, learning about the culture in Egypt, I have always (as a child) long wondered what Egypt actual looked like, as of hearing all those stories about mummies & curses, slightly puts you off the place!  None the less, here are my photos of Egypt and also some photos from my trip to Italy (coudnt leave it out)! I hope they are an inspiration to anyone who hasn’t been there!

Check Out: –

Matthewwilliamson.com & designersatdebenhams.com & craftgossip.com



Me before I went into the Mosque, they do try and steal your shoes! Be aware.




One of my faviorite sunsets.




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