Pineapple and banana fritters

A little treat for my hubby after a long day. A receipe I saw on line, thought I need to make food that is fast, with ingredients of hand. I was very surprised how easy this is.
Plain flour- 20g
Milk- 2-3 cups
A splash of white wine (for the mix of batter, trust me, it’s really good)
A pinch of salt
An egg
Lay the flour in a shallow bowl, make a well in the middle, break the egg in the middle. Slowly mix the egg and flour with a fork, and slowly pour milk into the mixtures. Make sure the consistent of the batter is like a thick soup, and splash the wine into the mix. Put the fruit into the batter.
Fry the fruit rolled in batter into a shallow 2 inches of oil.
Drain fruit when it’s golden, hooray, you have fritters!the secret of this receipe is to make sure your batter is not too thick, like soup consistence.


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