Fish risotto My way

Rainy and windy day, such a groomy prospects to venture out and about, decided to make risotto, out of some over night rice. Okay, technically not risotto, no risotto rice, just pudding rice, adn cheddar cheese. I was going to invest in some parmesan cheese, were just simply not going to pay £1.90 for some plastic tasting ones. So determined to make risotto my way.

We bought some blocks of fish from sainsbury freezer aisle yesterday, planning to use it for my little one’s baby food, and thought it might just be okay in a risotto, in fact, is more than okay, it was sublime. Meaty, fishy, and indeed very fresh.


Onion- 1

Frozen peas- a handful

Frozen sweet corn- a handful

A small block of cheddar cheese

Milk -40ml

Water- 20ml

White fish – 150 g

Over night rice/Cooked rice- 500g

Parsley- Optional but yummy!

Salt and pepper – A good amount to get a lot favour

Lime juice (from a bottle is just fine) A big splash

Stir fried the onion in very hot pan, Add fish and flake it with a fork after browning the onion. When the fish is getting fried, thrown in the sweetcorns and peas at the same time ( in it’s frozen form is fine). When the ingredients is cooked through, pour in the rice, and accompany it with milk and water, turn down the heat to low heat, and let it simmer for around 15 mins. Chop up the cheese, and put it into the mixture, and stir occasionally. When the mixtures is reduced into quite a thickened form, add salt and pepper, and a big splash of lime juice. I prefered it with a splash of wine also, did’nt have it handy, but hey it was a comforting, satisfying meal. I can roll into bed and simply stay there in this cloud of fluffy rice heaven. Sometimes we just cannot live with our carbs, right?


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