Short hair motherhood


I don’t know why, ever since I had my little girl, I am obsessed with having a short hair cut. I was even fascinated by my own hairdresser to say ‘undercut’ to me. I was secretly hoping he will say that. I guess I was missing my cool since pregnancy, and reminiscent of my younger self, hanging out in shoreditch in a crew cut. Ever since I can remember, every hairdressers I’ve been, everyone of them will say that I have a round face. So under no circumstance that I can have a short hair cut, or at least, a hair cut that above my jaw/ears. But I always insisted that they way lot shorter. Like a crop that will take a noisy hair clippers to do the job.
Don’t even go there about hair clippers, nothing thrilled me more but those noise going on the back of my head, and huge locks of hair chopped off to the floor.

It’s something there about short hair, it gives me tremendous confidence, (even I got a round face) I can brave the world in that hair cut, I thing people will take me more seriously. With short hair, I stopped putting make up on altogether, or I will wear strong lips, eyelines, all or nothing for me. With short hair, I ggforgot about washing my hair sometimes, and simply just pin it all up and forget about it. I no longer can wear long big girlie earrings, will have to think twice about putting a pink lace dress on, if I do wear it, then I will definitely wear it with irony. I feel confident, independent, and simply my own better self.

I lvoe kissing and hugging my little baby, with our both new short hair, hers being naturally born with it, and me with a new haircut. I suddenly loving being a stand out from a crowd, loving the stares but not the attentions from male.

Hollywood movies certainly don’t feel as positive about short hair as I do. Most movies when the lead female cut their hair, it’s either they do it for revenge, being humiliated, or simply sees as the ‘muscle’. Oh well I willl take being ‘muscle’ like GI jane all day long, rather than like being in legally blonde. Of course being asian, I naturally tend to prefer the asian looking hair, but how ironic, I always imagine I could get my hair permed to have slight waves in it! One always want what they don’t have.


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