“When Net-a-porter’s sale site TheOutnet.com hosts a Christian Louboutin flash sale, a pair of shoes is sold every nine seconds.”

Interesting article here. There is a movie being made  called  God Save My Shoes,   dived into the conversations what us girls always have. How many pairs of shoes have you got?
And why can’t we let it go? Why is that if my house is on fire, the first thing I will saved appart from my baby, and husband, of course. Is my Prized Manolo/Dolce/ Victor? Um, what is this 

 impulsive trigger happy hunger for shoes comes from? Why is it that I think a pair of shoes will turn over, change history, and completely change everything? You might feel awful from a cold, or just broken up with a boyfriend, but if you put on the right pair of heels, it can completely lift your spirit, give you a new job, get you a new boyfriend. The religion of fashion is based on shoes. The source of my spiritality comes from shoes. I might be in the darkest mood, when I go to my shoe closet, or cupboard, stroking the leather sole of my Manolo, all tears will be dried up. Instead, just leave me a sigh, and a wonder. I will lost into my little wonderland. Nothing, nothing gives me more anger, when someone moving my shoes, and scratched it. I hear that all of you out there may agree with me here. 

Nothing thrill me more, when I hunted down my first pair of Manolos for £5 in a charity shop, official it was a glorious day. 



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