Kate Middleton -Lady like look is the new Kim Kardashian

Not to mention that, the influence of the vintage culture floods into the Hollywood young starlet, the pass away of the high voltage, mega star, Elizabeth Taylor. And utmost biggest influence of late, the Mad man Mania that is virtually everywhere. Hallelujah to the ultimate lady look.
Think jackie Onassis, think Nancy Reagan, basically all the elegant ladies out there, wished to be remembered of their air of elegance, not their derriere.


The emotional feeling to these shoots spread in front of us, the expensive and hard to wear corset and couture of course is hardly everyday friendly It is a hard feat for the general populations. But, for all the Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren aspired ladies out there, need not worry. There is no need to copy it’s entirely, we can emulate the style subtly. Simply pulled out a classic shape cardigan you have, possibly a cropped one, a plain black pencil skirt, curl your hairs, or a simple pony tail, high pump shoes, or even flat pumps. The main focus you need is pill box red lipstick. Hey what are you waiting, horray to high collar, red lipsticks and elegance!


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