Washing care for beaded clothing

Over here at Siren faeries land, we are obsessed with all things hand made, and with lots of details to attention, everything sparkle, glitter and shine. Of course, we have to make the lustre shine and last.
Here is a little tip on how to care for your dear old collection of well cherished siren collection of clothing.

Sequins and beads can add sparkle to your clothes. However, they need special care and attention to keep them nice and shiny.Washing
1. Button or zip garments completely.
2. Turn it inside out.
3. Do not machine wash! Hand wash only.
4. Wash the dirty parts and take care not to scrub the beads and sequins.
5. Wring the parts of the garment without wring the prints and beads only.
6Oh,and no dry cleaning! You can if you enquire the dry cleaner to take cold or cool wash.
7. Dry the garments inside out. Do not dry out in very hot sun.

1. Turn garments inside out.
2. Iron carefully. Better to use a piece of cloth on top of your garments when ironing. Do not iron on your print.
3. If using steam iron, iron on the wrong side of the garments also. Do not iron directly on the beads.


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