What does the world thinks about Dior without Galliano

As a firm fan of John Galliano, I a deeply unsettled about the new designer in the house. The collections seems to be intentionally subdued. There is not such a thing about designer characters here, lovely dresses and lots of class. But seems to be the vibrant energy, and stregth had taken out from Galliano had vanished into thin air overnight. It is extremely sad to see with all these years, what Galliano had nurtured and mastered, is being erased suddenly. One might argued that the customers are longing for something classic. But do they? They can go to Valentino for that. One might say the old faithful for the original Dior can come back and spend some hard cash now. After all that noisy fashion is gone. 
No matter how you look at it, the new collection had dig out the archive, and just literally copied all the look there is.

Check out this check coat on the right, um it’s literally like this coat shu pei is wearing here. 



How about this bustier dress? Except that it’s a more risque version, there is hardly any difference to me here. Some might argued that When John Galliano was in power, he did a lot of collection that was a note from the past. But he did with tongue in cheek. It was intentionally reference to the past, so you can marvel at his showmanship. Yes it could be a similar look, but it is done with so much other research reference on top of it, the end results often is like a vintage came from a space ship. What we see here, the design team Bill Gaytten leads looks like they had worked for Valentino.

I am also a big fan of Valentino, they have integrity, since he believes in timeless elegance in women, he would come up with pretty, masterful dresses for the ladies who lunches year after year. Hats off to the master, it must take a lot of courage to believe in something you love, regardless the fashion. 

My final word is, I am mourning for John Galliano, Dior would never be the same. Like the day when Tom Ford step down, Gucci had never been the same. These statues like designers are like star dust. Rare and mesmerising.

Here is a very informative article with what all the others thinks about the show.


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