DIY Siren Cardigan – Vintage Varsity Style

Things you will need:

Oversized boyfriend cardigan
Iron-on embroidered badges
Embroidery thread

The cardigan was purchased at a bargain price of £2.50 from a local charity shop, using different patches and buttons we’ve managed to completely transform it. 


First, we placed the embroidered badges and buttons onto the cardigan to get an idea of how they would look, placing them on the pocket, arm and even on the back of the cardigan. Once we were happy with the positioning it was time to iron them on.



We used badges with iron-on fusible web backing as they are really simple to use with no sewing required. We placed a cloth over the badges and gently ran the iron over until fully adhered to the cardigan. You could even make your own badges using felt and fusible web sheets for a totally unique feel.


Then, we stitched the fun oversized button just above the pocket. We also replaced some of the original buttons with apple, star and bow shaped buttons for a quirky feel.


And there you have it! A boring old cardigan transformed into something completely unique, in no time at all. You could even add appliqué and embroidery for a truly personalised feel. We all have an old jumper or cardigan in the back of the wardrobe so why not breathe some new life into it and give it a Siren makeover.


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