DIY entry way

See how dreary it was? A whole lot of oak, and not much excitment here. I got some white gloss paint from Rustoleum. Thankfully there is a website in the UK stocked these beauty that saved my world. 



After waiting paitently for it tor dry, for like ever, because of our humid and cold weather.I finally can stud my cupboard away. Do not be a cheapo like me, and not buy enough nail heads. It requires around 500 nail heads!! Yup. I would recommend you buy upholstery nails, because they are long enough, and easy to hammer them in. Be sure that your cupboard is thick enough for the nails not to come through!! I drew a template for the diamond shape pattern with a circle in the middle with pencil, and I just nail the studs in. It takes a while to get into it, but it’s a pretty easy job. Just push the nail in straight with your finger, and use a short and firm burst to hammer them in.I did’nt draw where every nails goes, I just went with the flow. If you have the time, you could draw every other couple centimetres a circle where the nails goes. I have a pair of royal blue drawers knobs lying around, and I found they go with it nicely. What do you think? I still need a lot of pictures/mask alike to make the a bit lonely gallery wall picture perfect. Meanwhile, I will live with it. I painted inside orange, I will post some new images later. Watch this space…



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