Beige & Beautiful


As the days become lighter so does the colour of the clothing that you wear. Creams and ivories combined with darker shades of beige, camel and khaki are perfect colours for a spring time wardrobe. ‘Nude’ has been a key colour fashion trend for the past couple of years. Some people might be worried that wearing nude will make them look pale or washed out, but this colour can be embraced by anyone. There is a huge range of nude shades complimenting many skin types, although it is probably best to put the garment you are considering next to your skin to see if it goes with your individual complexion.

You can also think of nude as the new black. It’s neutral which means that you can dazzle up a nude coloured outfit with colourful, sparkling accessories, a hot pair of brightly coloured pumps or dramatic make-up. Dresses in barely-there hues are proving a hit on and off the catwalk, offering an elegant and feminine alternative to this seasons ‘pop’ colours. And it’s not only dresses, this colour can be added to your wardrobe in so many ways. Nude coloured heels will compliment a bright gown, a nude shirt will work perfectly with a striped blazer and a camel coloured satchel will work with just about any outfit. It is also well noted that nude shoes can help elongate the leg which is always a bonus!!

People with paler skin do often find it harder to wear nude so if you do find yourself feeling a bit ‘drained’ in a nude top or bottoms then simply add a dash of a colour. Scarves, statement necklaces and chunky earrings are bang on trend at the moment and will provide you with that much needed pick me up. Layering and varying textures can also make these natural colours more exciting. Sparkly finishes look fantastic and give that shimmering, metallic effect which is probably the best way of avoiding looking drab when not surrounded by other colours.

Nude inspired faces are also on trend and were seen all over this year’s catwalks.  Slightly stained lips and cheeks looks oh-so fresh.  Again you should always let your colouring help you to decide which shades are best for you. For day, fair complexions tend to look prettiest in pink. Adding a heavy lined lid and a dusting of a shimmery high lightening powder takes this almost ‘nude’ face into the evening. Darker skin will glow with sheer oranges and corals.

 1.Crochet Bow Dress, £21, 2. Panelled Dress, £20, 3. Cropped Jacket, £14, 4. Cream Jacket, £14


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