Behind the Scenes: Jewellery Photo shoot

For the first look, we took inspiration from the fishtail plaits seen on the runway at Alexander Wang. It’s a tricky style that calls for lots of hairspray and kirby grips, check out this tutorial if you want to try it at home. For the eyes we used a blend of MAC’s Family Silver and Threesome Mineralize shadows, with Chanel’s Intensities 14 Ors followed by MAC Vanilla Pigment under the brow to open up the eye. We then applied Givenchy’s Penomen’eyes in Black, which thanks to its spherical wand separates the lashes and produces an amazing effect. On Stephanie’s lips we used a base of MAC Snob with a pop of Rimmel’s Moisture Renew in Lily Extase, with a sweep of Givenchy’s Prisme Again! blush for a sweet candy pink flush. 


For the second part of the shoot we combed out the fishtail and piled her hair into a high bun for a chic but laid back vibe. For a blue smoky eye with depth we started with a base of Red Earth’s GR031 green trio palette, and brushed over a mixture of MAC Silversmith and Persuasive to get a heavy silver and blue color, which we blended right up to the socket for maximum effect. Again we used Givenchy mascara, and finished off the look with a nude lip by simply applying a concealer which matched Stephanie’s skin tone.


Most of the shoot took place in the studio but at the end of the day we ventured outdoors to snap some outfits because the weather was so beautiful! Stephanie turned quite a few heads as she walked down the road in her killer heels and our Juliette beaded dress (Stephanie’s favorite, she didn’t want to take it off!), and we all enjoyed the excuse to get out in the sunshine. When the time came to say ‘It’s a wrap’ we were totally exhausted from a hectic day, but it was all worth it. The photographer really excelled at doing our gorgeous pieces justice, and we can’t wait to have them up on the site and introduce our customers to the new range. 


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