DIY Peter Pan Collars

Cut out the felt and then using a glue gun, stick a row of studs around the edge of the collar. Leave a gap in the middle where the two lapels meet. Use a bead or jewel that you love for the centre-piece, and attach it to the middle. We used needle and thread because the jewel was a brooch, but it might be easier for you to use a glue gun depending on the embellishment you have chosen.


Once the main body of your collar is decorated, cut two lengths of ribbon that seem long enough to tie a bow around your neck. You can always cut more off later so if you’re unsure, err on the side of caution and make it a bit longer than you think. Sew and secure the ribbon into place on each side of the collar. Once the glue is dry and everything seems secure, try the collar on and adjust the ribbon lengths so that you can tie them around your neck with as little excess as possible. You might prefer your collar to be lower or higher on your neckline so spend some time trying it out.


For a more feminine, sweet style collar, choose a felt with a brighter colour, and opt for pearls rather than studs. The second collar we made, as you can see, is very girly! Trace and cut out a peter pan shape and position the pearls along the edge. Using a blanket stitch, attach the pearls to the colour, making sure to keep the thread tight enough to stop the pearls hanging off the collar once it’s being worn.

Sew a larger bead in the centre of the collar, and attach the ribbons to the sides securely. 


And that’s all there is to it! You can really get creative with this, as after all, our choices of embellishment are just that, choices – you can put whatever you like on your collars! Buttons, jewels, plastic flowers, stencils, anything.

If you’re wondering about what you can wear your collar with, check out our article on the trend. And if you love collars but don’t feel you have the time or inclination to make your own, why not try one of ours?  


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