Trend Report: Grecian Dresses


The key to finding that fabulous Grecian style dress is to focus on three factors; texture, shape, and detail. For texture, look for luxurious fabrics – even budget clothing can be made to look more expensive than it actually is. Whilst shopping online makes it harder to get a sense of the quality of the fabric, you can usually tell from product images whether a piece will ba flattering and longlasting. For shape, think floaty. With the grecian style it’s all about nonchalant opulence; you want a dress that is tasteful and modest but shows off your tan and has a great cut that flatters the figure. The Grecian style, whilst easily identifiable, also has a remarkable variety in its cuts; some pieces have draped shoulders, some are sleeveless, some are only one-sleeved. Try several styles to make sure you get the one that you feel most comfortable with, as confidence is the most important thing when trying to make a trend work for you.


When it comes to detail, this is when we can really have fun finding the perfect Grecian dress. Many of them are relatively plain which, whilst safe, allows you to build up the layers, and perhaps pair with a loud print or statement necklace for an all-round awesome ensemble. Some Grecian pieces, however, are absolutely stunning in their embellishment. With beaded necklines, metallic patterns and embroidered sleeves, some dresses really stand out in their quality and are therefore at their most stunning when worn simply with a classic pair of heels, or even flat sandals for that relaxed, holiday look.


When it comes down to it, whatever dress (or dresses!) you choose, buying into the Grecian trend can never be a mistake. After all, it’s been rocked for millenia! You just have to find the right piece for you, and as the style is universally flattering, that should be simple. Detailed or basic, embellished or neutral, within this style you are sure to find the perfect style this summer.


1. Alisa Grecian Style Dress 2. Megan Peplum Dress 3. Venus Cream Dress



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